10 things to consider as you make plans for a new financial year

With a new financial year starting in New Zealand, what plans have you made for your business? Here are ten things you may want to think about.

Cloud Payroll systems – are they worth the fees?

This is a question, I often get asked. My very short answer to this usually is absolutely. Most online payroll software systems in New Zealand give you the option of acting as your IRD intermediary …

What should your accountant be doing for you?

There is a lot of talk about the changing face of accounting practices and what services accountants should be providing to their clients.

Keeping up with the changing face of Bookkeeping

Gone are the days when a bookkeeper’s role was only to process invoices and reconcile the bank account. The accounting and bookkeeping industry is constantly being disrupted by improvements in technology.

Your Complimentary Client Review Meeting 

When it comes to managing and understanding your business as a whole, it is the relationships with those business parties such as your accountant that should receive the regular attention they deserve …

5 key reports you need to understand in business

It has never been easier to take time out to learn how to understand exactly what your financial reports tell you.

Starting up a business– a five minute guide

New Zealand has been rated one of the easiest countries in the world to start up a business …

What astute business owners have in common

Businesses come in all shapes, sizes and types. Some have many transactions a day, while others might have two projects in a year …