We believe that your financial information is the heart of your business.

Your financial information is the life blood of everything from marketing, to pricing your goods and services, to knowing whether you’re making money or not.

We’ve led a different path than a typical accountant might have. We’ve never worked in a silo – where all we are fed is accounts and spreadsheets. Our journey has been one that has involved having a wider view of the businesses we’re working for. We’ve had input into companies holistically, where the numbers are simply a part of the bigger picture. We know first hand that looking at a spreadsheet is like just looking at one piece of that picture.
Yes, we get excited about getting your financials in line, but from the point of view that we can see how by understanding them, our client has a higher success rate in business.
Like having a healthy heart, we make sure that your financials are running properly, so that you know you’re fit to take on the everyday challenges of running your business, and continuing to do what you love doing – After all, isn’t that why you’re in business in the first place?

Why we hate the word ‘accounts’…

Traditional accounts and accounting is about looking at your past financials and reporting on them. However because the nature of business is so fast moving (particularly small business), by the time these have been prepared, they have little or no bearing on where your business is now. More importantly, they are not effective tools for planning your future.


You need to be invested in your business

It’s important that you know that your investment in our services is more than paying a subscription. Our successful clients need to have an appetite to want to learn more about their financials, be open to change and, most importantly, to be open with us.


What we value

We constantly strive to provide a service and support that is more than just ok. We make it our goal to not think for you, but think like you. To put ourselves in your shoes as we design, adapt and review our services to enable us to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.


Our Promises

When you make the decision to switch to Astute Mode:

  1. We will become a part of your business
    Another phrase for that is ‘financial department’, except we’re more than that. We will regularly communicate with you to provide expert guidance, education, tools and ongoing support to keep you and your business on track and succeeding.
  2. We will keep our finger on the pulse of the information in your accounts
    What you can measure you can manage. The information we can provide you, about your business gives you the power to be an astute business person. We will deliver all the relevant information on time and make certain that you understand how to get the most out of them.
  3. We will ensure you are IRD compliant
    Your compliance obligations with Inland Revenue will never come as a surprise. Astute Mode will give you the fastest possible heads up about the payments you’ll need to make to the IRD. This means we can budget for and meet the obligations that you have as an astute business.


CPA Australia and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Astute Mode is a Public Practice, certified by CPA Australia. CPA Australia is one of only three Inland Revenue advisor groups in New Zealand.

We are also a New Zealand Trade and Enterprise approved service provider. You can talk to us to see if our NZTE service packages would suit your business.

Are you thinking we might be the accounting and business advisory team for you?

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