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Your guide to astute
Christmas & New Year trading

We all have those annoying friends who are “Super Prepared” for the Christmas and New Year period. However from a smart business and accounting perspective, its not so silly to be prepared for the silly season! Or at the very least being aware of what the implications are.

The lead up to the Christmas and New Year holiday period can be a hectic one, no matter what type of business you run...

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Your Complimentary
Client Review Meeting 

One of the vital elements of any business is the relationships you build. Therefore when it comes to managing and understanding your business as a whole, it is the relationships with those business parties such as your accountant that should receive the regular attention they deserve. As a valued client of Astute Mode, you will receive at least one Complimentary Client Review (CCR). In fact, this is an annual event for a number of our clients.

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5 key reports you need
to understand in

It has never been easier to take time out to learn how to understand exactly what your financial reports tell you. With software such as Xero, it has become easier for you to have your financial information at your fingertips. Maybe you are already using Xero, have been for years or maybe you are contemplating the move. Which ever position you find yourself in, if interpreting financial reports has never been your forte, perhaps it is time to make this a focus. Cloud software like Xero means you have access to your key business information, anywhere and everywhere but what good is that if you don’t understand what they mean.

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Starting up a business
– a five minute guide

New Zealand has been rated one of the easiest countries in the world to start up a business. While, as a country of 'go-getters', while this is something to be proud of, sometimes the easiest things to do end in failure because of failing in the small things. One of the areas that many start up business owners fail to execute properly is their financials. Here are five things for you to get in place from the beginning.

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What astute business owners
have in common

Businesses come in all shapes, sizes and types. Some have many transactions a day, while others might have two projects in a year. Regardless of how dissimilar businesses may seem from one to another, there are many core similarities that make astute businesses successful. Here are a couple of things that we've noticed about our more astute clients.