Services & Software

The foundations of our packaged solutions are an astute balance
of accounting, education, bookkeeping and software.

You may not be ready to have all your accounting, education and bookkeeping needs met right now.

Although our astutely packaged services are more efficient, and therefore economical, some clients would like to know that their accountant and bookkeeper has the knowledge to look at the business as a whole, but might only want a smaller involvement from us.
For that reason, we offer our range of financial services on an individual basis, so that you can choose what you’d like, to begin to get your business in the mode. You can start with choosing from the below options, which puts you in the drivers seat to determine how many of our services you wish to use.


We will help you keep your financials compliant and ensure you understand them.
Our accounting services include everything you’d expect an accounting firm to offer. Tax compliance and planning, including GST, FBT, PAYE and end of year tax – anything that you can summarise in 3-4 capital letters! We also provide our reports and information in a way that you don’t need a tax degree to understand! These reports allow us to monitor and review your business performance as well as plan for your business growth, and the additional financial obligations that this will create.


Education is a huge part of ensuring your business flourishes.
It’s all very well us managing your accounting obligations for you, however we believe we haven’t done our job properly if you’re not learning from your time working with us.
Once we understand your unique business situation we can show you how to identify strategic ares for business growth, how to discover where your business is making money, and where it’s not. Ultimately it’s really about opening your eyes to the empowerment that being financially aware can bring to you as a business owner.


Having someone else managing your books is the key to freeing you up to run your business.
You won’t need to pour over your books at night with our bookkeeping service. We are dedicated to dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s as we turn your books into a thing of beauty – all so you don’t have to!
Our Bookkeeping Service saves you on training time, recruitment costs, ongoing employment costs, office furniture and technology costs. It includes a long list of itemised services, that includes the words ‘payables’, ‘receivables’, ‘payroll’, ’tax filing’, and ‘reconciliation’.

Software solutions, training and education

Software and technology will make your life easier, with our help.
We guide you to choose the best software solutions for you and your business. Then we will set it up, integrating it with your business, and teach you and your staff how to use it! We’re also available to follow up and make sure that you’re getting the best out of it, and we can also train the new guys, to make sure they are using it the best way possible as well.